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Floral Kurta Pants Sets: Style Floral Prints This Season

February 2, 2022     Ethnic Wear

We are living in an era where fashion is constantly changing. The fashion industry is evolving with the times and people are looking for new styles. The change in trend has also impacted the way we dress. We are no longer limited to what we wear but can experiment with different clothes and create our own style statement.

One such trend that has taken over today’s fashion scene is floral print kurta and kurta pant set. These Indian garments have been around for centuries, but they have never been as popular as they are now. This article will help you know about the various ways in which you can wear these clothes, how to pair them up with other items of clothing, and what to do if you want to be trendy this season!

The feminine print has been a popular choice among fashionistas and style icons. It is a trend that is here to stay, and it is only going to get better as we move into the future.

With this in mind, we have curated a collection of floral kurtas, floral kurta set for you! These sets are not just perfect for weddings or other formal occasions but also for any day of the week.

Gaaba Floral Printed Kurta with Embroidered Pant

This beautiful floral print on the kurta and the matching embroidered kurta pant set is perfect for any bright day. It is made from strong fibres and breathable material. The best part about it is that it’s also available in different sizes, if you don’t fall under any certain size category and we also offer transitional sizes this means we offer sizes between standard sizes as well.

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Gaaba Floral Printed Kurta with Embroidered Pant


Floral printed kurta with embroidered pants looks amazing in any daytime event or you can wear it in the office. Its breathable material is so soft on the skin which makes it more comfortable to wear at your workplace. The white embroidery work at the bottom of the three-quarter sleeves complements the Chinese collar middle embroidery work.

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Gaaba Floral Printed Kurta With Hand Work Border Pant Set


This red and white floral print with a little light blue hint of floral hint looks so elegant and it has embroidery at the bottom of the kurta pant set. Now rock any event with this elegant look you can pair them with beige color block heels and sliver or white color earrings with a little hint of red or light blue.

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There are many beautiful floral options are available on our website. and we are happy to inform you, no matter which part of India you are, we do deliveries of our products all over India. Happy shopping!

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